Project Administrators

The Administrators menu option is used to define which users have responsibilities for a particular project.  This screen is available on the Project Profile which is accessible via the Project >> List option.  

Keep in mind that these are Project Administrators and are not to be confused with the overall Unanet Administrator role.

Permissions for managing various aspects of a project are spread across several roles.  For example, the Project Manager creates the project and has access to most functionality, the Resource Assigner and Planner roles are necessary to maintain People Assignments and Plans, the Project Approver role is necessary when identifying who a specific project approver will be, and so on.  

If you have a single user that you would like to perform all responsibilities for a project, you may need to define that user as a project manager, resource assigner and project approver (depending on which features you will be using).  Note that whether a particular user can access a project can be influenced via their Organization Access permissions in conjunction with the setting on the Access tab for this project.

Once a project has been defined, the Project Administrator (left menu option) can be accessed to assign users to the various project maintenance roles.

The user that creates a new project (whether it be via the user interface or the project import), will automatically be designated as the Primary Project Manager and if this user has any of the following roles (Resource Planner, Resource Assigner or Resource Requestor) they will also be designated as the Primary Resource Planner, Assigner and Requestor respectively.  

Note that the Project Manager role is the only required administrator role on a project.

The various roles are described in more detail below (and each can have project specific alternates).

Click on a link below to learn more about each particular role:

Billing Manager          (assign primary and alternate billing managers)

Billing Viewer              (assign primary and alternate billing viewers)

Customer                    (assign primary and alternate customers)

Project Approver         (assign primary and alternate project approvers)

Project Document Viewer (assign primary and alternate project document viewers)

Project Lead                (assign primary and alternate project leads)

Project Manager         (assign primary and alternate project managers)

Project PO Viewer      (assign primary and alternate project PO viewers)

Project PR Viewer      (assign primary and alternate project PR viewers)

Project Viewer             (assign primary and alternate project viewers -- grant report visibility for this project)

Resource Assigner    (assign primary and alternate resource assigners)

Resource Planner      (assign primary and alternate resource planner)

Resource Requestor  (assign primary and alternate resource requestor)


Report Visibility Note

Any user associated with a project via one of the primary or alternate project administrator roles will have visibility into project report data as well (with the exception of the Resource Planner, Resource Assigner, Billing Manager and Billing Viewer roles -- which currently have no access to Project reports).  The Resource Planner and Assigner roles, however, do have visibility into a number of People oriented reports (in the Resource reports section).  Likewise, the Billing Manager and Billing Viewer roles have access to a number of Project oriented reports.

Customer only users have limited reporting visibility.  These users currently have access to the Time and Expense Detail reports.


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