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The Project Search / List screens are available to users with several roles in order to view or maintain project information.  

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Searching for Projects

Using the Project Search / List screen, you can choose to either display a complete list of all Unanet projects (by simply clicking on the List tab), or you can supply selection criteria on the Search tab to narrow down the results, and then click on the List tab to display the filtered list.  

An example Search / List screen follows:


Note: When you click the Save Criteria icon, your table settings, such as resized or hidden columns, will be saved with the criteria as well. If you change and save the default table settings again, the saved criteria will retain its table settings. Furthermore, if you change the table settings while viewing the saved criteria results page, only the saved criteria table settings will be updated.


Field Descriptions (click on a link below for additional information):


Performance Tip

If your installation has a large number of projects, you may want to consider enabling the Require Project Code Filter For Project Search (unanet.project_search.require_project_code) property which will require that some project selection criteria be entered in an effort to prevent a user from accidentally searching for many thousands of projects.

Listing Projects

The filtered (or complete) list of Unanet projects will resemble the following example:

Note regarding table features

Note: The Print Friendly link at the top right of the table will display when the Customizable View option is selected in Data View Options on the Search page. If you select Standard View, you will need to use CNTRL + P keys to print.

Field Descriptions (click on a link below for additional information):



Data Security (who has access to projects)

Add, Edit, View or Copy Projects

See List - Icon Controls for a description of the various icon controls on this screen (including the ( ) Save Criteria, Add (), Edit (), Copy ( ) controls).   

The add project () icon is available on several screens, including the project dashboard and project list screens. Users with the project manager role will have access to this functionality.  Clicking on this icon will present the user with the Project Profile screen where they can create a new project.  


Project Managers can also create a new project by copying an existing project by clicking on the () link, where you will be taken to the copy project screen.  The copy icon links can be hidden using menu.xml entries.


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