What's new in this release

Unanet 10.1 is a smaller release with the key new feature being support for the generation of 1099s.  Beginning with 10.1.14 we have also introduced Mobile Friendly Timesheet functionality. Several additional minor enhancements have also been packaged with the release.

See below for:

New Features and Functions




!!  Important  !!

Impacts to Existing Installations

Please review the System Requirements help page to make sure your platform has the necessary underlying component versions to support this version of Unanet.  

The platform minimum requirements between this version and version 10.0 have not changed.

Note recent changes:

Beginning with version (v10.0), we no longer support Internet Explorer 7, 8 or 9, JRun, Tomcat 6.x, Java 1.6, SQL Server 2005 or Oracle 10.   
Beginning with version (v9.6), we no longer support Oracle v9 or Java 1.5.   
Beginning with version (v9.5), we no longer support Internet Explorer 6 or Tomcat 5.5.   

Beginning with version (v9.4), we no longer support MS SQL Server 2000.  

Should you need to update your database version you will want to do this prior to running the Unanet migration.  
The process of updating your Sql Server database involves the creation of a backup of the database in the older version and then a restore of that file in the newer database version.

Java Memory Parameter Tuning -- Unanet 10.0 will require you to increase several memory related parameters in order to function properly.  See Required Java Tuning for more information.

Future Platform Requirements Alert !  Note that the following components will no longer be supported beginning with our next major release 10.2:     We plan to drop support for Java 1.7 and Tomcat 7.


The file layout for the Organization Import has changed (all new fields are optional and added to the end of the import layout).  

      • New Field - Recipient_Name_1099  (Field #34)

      • New Field - Vendor_1099 (Field #35)

      • New Field - Federal_Tax_Id (Field #36)

      • New Field - Federal_Tax_Id_Type (Field #37)

      • New Field - Email_1099 (Field #38)


The file layout for the Account Import has changed (new field is optional and added to the end of the import layout).    

      • New Field - 1099_Category  (Field #13)


The file layout for the Per Diem Rate Import has changed (new field is optional and added to the end of the import layout).    

      • New Field - Oconus_Indicator  (Field #10)


  1. Note that all changes to the import layouts for this release are either optional or conditionally optional fields.  That is, if you do not plan to specifically utilize any of the capabilities related to the new or changed fields, you do not necessarily need to make any changes to any existing import processes to accommodate these new fields (they will each provide for a default value).



Migration Considerations

Note the migration from v9.6 to v10.0 includes running multiple sql scripts and potentially a cost plus data conversion should you have cost plus data in your system.

Migration Dry Run
Unanet encourages self-hosted customers to perform mock migrations in a test environment to identify and address potential issues prior to migrating your production system. The Unanet license allows for additional Unanet sites for the purpose of testing.  This does not apply to On Demand Subscription customers.

IMU / Command Line Import / Export Notice

If you are running the command line import.jar, export.jar or ImportDiff utilities (which are often called from within the IMU), be sure to copy the 10.1 versions of these files.  These utilities can be found in the 'utilities' directory and are also available on our Support download site.

Database Schema Changes
If your site uses any custom stored procedures or other external customized programs (e.g. for reporting or integration), you should review and test your custom logic to make sure it will function with this new version.   You may want to review the database migration scripts to gain a complete understanding of any new, removed or renamed fields or tables.  These scripts are located in your \unanet\database directory (under oracle or sql server).

Notify Unanet

Unanet Customer Service is always interested in keeping up with which versions of software are in use at customer sites.  At the conclusion of your upgrade, please take a quick minute to send an email to support@unanet.com indicating your success (along with the version you are running).  If you have the time, you could also click on the Send to Unanet button on the About page (which will forward your platform details to customer service).