Time In / Out

Time in / out information can be recorded by users while updating their timesheets.  Attributes for users and projects can be defined to indicate whether time in / out information is required.  The system can capture Daily Time In / Out entries, Project Time In / Out entries or both.  Currently, you cannot disable this feature.

Topics covered on this help page include:

Daily Time In / Out

Users can enter Daily time in / out information on their timesheets via a popup window that resembles the following screen shot.  This entry window is presented to the user when they double click on the timesheet date column headings.

The Daily Time In / Out fields are described below:


Note:  Daily entries are not actually saved to the database until you have hit the Save button on the Timesheet itself, that is, hitting the OK button only preserves the entry for the duration of your editing session, and you must click on Save to permanently save these changes.

Once a daily time in / out entry has been saved, the date column header will show up in a bold font .

Project Level Time In / Out

The fields available for the Project Time In / Out entries are identical to those of the Daily entries described above.  The popup dialog box is nearly identical as well, with the exception of the header information, which includes the Project, Task, Project Type and Pay Code when you are entering a Project level Time In / Out entry.

The Project level time in / out popup window can be accessed by double clicking on any timesheet cell.  Once you have entered a project level time in / out entry, you will notice that timesheet cell will have a grey background (see the example above).  You can no longer directly modify the hours in that cell via the timesheet, but rather, you must access the project time in / out popup to change the entries (or remove all entries if you wish to simply re-enter hours directly on the timesheet itself) .

Requiring Time In / Out Entries

Administrators and Project Managers have control over which users and projects require daily and/or project time in / out entries.

Timesheet Preview and Time In / Out Information

 Various detail sections of the timesheet preview include information about the Time In / Out details.  Specifically the following sections include:

Time In / Out Reporting

A number of reports are available which display Daily and Project Level Time In / Out information.  These reports are available for Users, Manager, Project Managers and Administrators.  Check out the Reports menus for more information.

Day Light Savings Time

The system should handle entries that span a day time savings time change correctly, and calculates the hours based on date/time not merely hours, so it should handle this situation where they start before the time change and then end after the time change. For example, an entry from 12AM Nov 6, 2011 to 8AM Nov. 6, 2011 - calculates as 9 hours if your PC is configured to use daylight savings time.

The only odd conditions that could arise result from the starting or ending within the boundary of the change 1:00 AM - 2:00 AM going from DST to STD.  As long as they start before 1:00 AM and end after 2:00 AM on the day of the switch from DST to STD the system should respond as expected/desired.


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