Search Tips

In many Unanet screens, you can use the following features to help you refine the selection criteria in order to return the specific data you are seeking.   

Selection Criteria Example

The following section includes an example of the Person selection criteria available on many of the reports and the various options available for refining that query criteria.

! Important Tip !
Use the % (percent sign) in any filter field to populate the multi-select box with all available items.

The Person selection criteria can be used to narrow down which Unanet Users will be included in the output.  By default, <All People> will be included in the output.  

If you do not want to include all People, you can use the Person filter options and click on the filter icon () to narrow down the list of items in the multi-select box.  Once you have narrowed down the list, you can further select and de-select individual items in the multi-select box.

Data security (which people are available)

The options available to refine the items included in the multi-select box include:

Org Code and Last Name Filter Fields

Show Org. Codes in filter only check box

Include inactive people in filter check box


Also, for more complex searching:

Learn more about using Wildcards in your filter criteria (e.g. % for all)

Learn more about comma separated lists


Note that after making any changes to the filter criteria, you will need to click on the filter icon () to re-populate the multi-select box.

Multiple Filter Searching - Note that if the selection screen you are on has more than one field having the filtering feature, you can enter data in each of the filter fields and hit any of the filter icons to initiate the filter (causing all filters to be processed).