Unanet comes with a standard set of reports and charts which include the ability to dynamically specify who and/or what should be included in the result set.  Many of the Reports and Charts are available depending on a user's role or the various modules installed at your site.  Check out the Reports dashboard for a complete list of available built-in reports and charts and the Reports by Module section to see which reports and charts are available based on the modules you have installed.

Users can optionally save report selection criteria and place a link to these saved reports on their dashboards for one click running in the future.  Administrators have the added capability to make their saved report definitions available for other users to include on their dashboards.  See Working with Saved Reports for more information.

Visibility into system data is controlled by user role, whether you may be an Alternate user, organization access and each Project's Access settings.  See Restrict View for additional information.

You may also be interested in reviewing pointers for Emailing Reports as well as getting the most out of your browsers when Printing Reports.

If a built-in report will not suite your need, you may be interested in reviewing the Ad hoc reporting or Export functionality, which can also be used for pulling data from Unanet for the purposes of further data analysis or feeding a down-stream system.

Finally, you may also be interested the many Charts that can be generated.  These are also accessible via the Reports main menu option.

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