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This report provides a view of the "Organizational", "Financial", or "Cost Pool" organization hierarchies.  These hierarchies are defined via the Organization >> Edit screens (Organization hierarchy defined on the Profile tab, while the Financial and Cost Pool hierarchies are defined on the Financials tab -- where the parent organization associations are established).


This report is available to users having the Administrator, PR Administrator or several of the Financial roles including GL/AP/AR Admin/User/Poster/Viewer and GL Budget Manager roles.


This report is available with all Unanet editions.


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Example Report Output

Clicking on the Organization Tree View item will present the user with a collapsed version of the Organization list in a hierarchical representation, showing only the top level / parent organizations.  

Using the various expand ()and collapse () controls you can view the entire tree.

The tree view may resemble the following:

Organization Access permissions are not honored in these reports.


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