Project Expense Plans

Expense plan entries can be created at the project or task level.  These planned amounts do not currently constrain the entry of actuals, but rather are used for comparative reporting and analysis purposes.  These planned amounts are currently reflected on a number of reports including the Project Summary Performance report, Project Expense Schedule Detail, Project Costing ODC Detail and a number of the Periodic Reports and Charts.

Project Managers, Project Leads (and their alternates) have the ability to create and maintain Expense Plan entries.

Note: This feature is available with the Project Portfolio edition of Unanet.

The Expense Plans menu has a number of sub-menu options used to manage expense plan information for a particular project or task.  The Expense Plan menu is accessible via the Project Profile left menu.


Click on a link below to learn more about each particular expense plan option:

Import  (load batch csv file of Project or Task level expense plan entries)

Export  (create csv output file containing all Project or Task level expense plan entries)

List  (display Search / List tabs for listing Project or Task level expense plan entries)

Edit Individual Expense Plan

Add Expense Plans  (bulk add/edit screen)

Plan with Grid  (maintain expense plans in a periodic (e.g. month by month) matrix layout).


Budget Plans

Budget Plans    (this screen is accessible from other planning screens -- allowing you to create expense budgets from the planning entries on those screens)

    Budget Plans    (this screen is accessible from the project profile menu -- allowing you to search for the specific planning entries you would like to copy to expense budgets)



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