People Credit Cards

The Credit Cards menu option is used to manage credit card information for a particular user.  This screen can be accessed via the People >> List  option for Administrators or via the Preferences menu option for end users.  To be clear, the information on this screen is not credit card transaction information, but rather each user's credit card information.  This information is used by the system to associate credit card transactions to individual users.  This information can also be maintained in mass via the Import Person Credit Card Number feature available to Administrators.

This menu option will not appear by default and must be enabled via the Enable Credit Card Functionality (unasense.creditcards.enable) property.

Security Note:  Note that the actual card number is encrypted as it is stored in the database and thus cannot be seen by any users (other than the user keying it in during initial entry).  Further, Unanet does not require that a valid credit card number be used in the card number field and will accept any value having a minimum length of 5 characters and a maximum length of 32 characters.  Many customers opt to store an alternative number in this field to further minimize any security concerns.


With this screen you can add one to many credit cards for a user.

Note that many users can be associated with the same credit card number, but no single user can enter the same credit card number more than once.



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