Timesheet Cells

Enter the number of hours worked on a given day (for the project, task ,etc.) in each of the timesheet cells.  

The number of characters that will display in a particular timesheet cell will be determined by the user’s time entry increment (as define in each user's profile).  The number of digits the user can enter can range from 2 to 5 depending on their time increment.  If their time increment is in whole hours (1, 4, 8) they will be limited to 2 positions, 1/10th or ½ of an hour 4 positions, ¼ or 1/100th  5 positions.  The reason for the limit is based on the expectation that a normal cell would contain less than 24 hours so:

1,4,8 expects                     ## (2 characters)

1/10th, ½ expects              ##.# (4 characters)

¼ or 1/100th expects        ##.##(5 characters)


If your timesheet is very wide (e.g. you have a time period larger than weekly, or your system contain projects and organizations with very long names), you may be interested in activating the Show Project Title Hover Text on Timesheet Edit (unatime.timesheet.project.title.hover) property.  When enabled, project information will be included in the hover text that is displayed as the user hovers the mouse pointer over various fields on a timesheet row, including the timesheet cells.

You will notice that once you click in a cell, the lower edge of the cell will be highlighted with a red underscore.  The red underscore is helpful to identify which timesheet cell is active when you are entering timesheet comments.

If your site is configured to require time in / out (TITO) entries, you can also double click on a timesheet cell to display the project level TITO entry screen.  See Time In / Out for more information.