Last Check # Used

This field will store the last check # used for a particular checking account in order for the system to determine the next available check number for use in the Vendor Payment check generation process.  During the Vendor Payment check generation process, this value will be referenced and a default next check # will be derived.  The provided number can be overridden from the Vendor Payment screen should that be necessary.  

The value stored on this screen will increment during check printing processing.  It may be necessary to further manipulate the value directly on this screen, for example, in cases where manual checks were generated.

This field is required when editing a Bank Account having the Checking Account check box is checked.


Note that the Vendor Payment check printing functionality uses the pre-printed QuickBooks compatible DLT104 format, which includes pre-printed check numbers on the check stock.  It is important that the Last Check # Used be kept in sync with the physical checks available such that the Vendor Payment - Generate Checks process will record the correct check number used.