This field is used if you would like to format a date or numeric value (assuming the resulting output is a date or number).   


For example, if you want the date to show up in YYYY-MM-DD format, you would supply the following value in this field:  

DATE (yyyy-MM-dd)

An optional modifier (BOT-EOT) can be appended to the DATE expression that will substitute any resulting value that matches the Unanet equivalent of BOT or EOT (ie 1/1/1900 or 12/31/2099) with the textual string BOT or EOT.

DATE (MM/dd/yyyy) BOT-EOT



Likewise, a sample numeric format entry may look like:  

NUMBER( 99999999999.99;-99999999999.99).

When using the NUMBER function in the Format field, you can also utilize the IFZERO tag.  This additional tag allows you to substitute an alternative value if the result is 0.  This feature was added as a work-around to the issue with the java NUMBER(#) format not suppressing a zero.  For example:


Note that if there is a possibility that the number returned will have additional precision, you may want to include additional precision in your format mask, ie:

NUMBER(###.###) IFZERO("")

Note that you can also use date and number formatting in line within the template value field.  See Expressions for more information.

For detailed information about possible date and numeric formatting click here.