Check/Reference #

This value can be entered at the Customer Payment Summary and/or Detail level.  The value entered at the Summary level is what will appear in the Customer Payment List and is required if the Payment Method -- Type is Check.   The intended use is to record a check number or other external reference value that you would like to associate with the Customer Payment.  


When a value is supplied at the Summary level, it will become a default value for the Reference field in the first Detail record (though it can be overridden or removed at the detail level).  As additional Detail line items are added, each subsequent new line will default to the value from the previous row in the grid.

Values entered in this free form text field are not validated.  Note that you can search for Customer Payments based on the Check/Reference #.

This value can be changed on an INUSE customer payments.


On the Customer Payment - Paid Documents screen, this number is n/a for the CI (Customer Invoice) rows.