Administrator - Emailing Shared Reports

Using the steps outlined below, it is possible for a Unanet Administrator to create a shared report, and then send a link to that report in an email reminder.   Further, the email reminder could be scheduled such that a link to the report is sent to certain users on a regular basis.


The Administrator role is required to configure this scheme.

  1. Run the desired report, and click on “Save Shared Criteria”.

  2. Provide the desired name and click on Save.

  3. Add the Shared Report to one of your dashboards.

  4. Run the Shared Report from the Dashboard, and copy the resulting URL from the browser address bar.

  5. Navigate to Admin  >> Setup >> Miscellaneous >> Email Reminders and click on “+Email Reminder”.

  6. The reminder type should be set to "Broadcast" and supply an appropriate name, subject, description, and message to your new email template.  Be sure to paste the previously copied URL link (from Step 4 above) into the message body.

  7. Navigate to Admin >> Reminders and save a scheduled reminder -- defining who should receive it and how often. 


As each email recipient invokes the shared report from the link in their email, the report output will reflect their own data visibility restrictions.