Support for DCAA

Unanet has features and functions that directly support the requirements stated in the Automated Time keeping Systems section of the Defense Contractors Audit Agency (DCAA) regulations.   

Note that DCAA requires that the time keeping process (collectively including policies, manual procedures and tools) be compliant; software applications alone are not audited for compliance nor certified or approved as DCAA compliant.  The Unanet product suite has been reviewed by auditors at customer sites in conjunction with  customer policies and procedures and approved as supporting the DCAA regulations.

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The following features and functions support DCAA time keeping guidelines:





Work Flow


Contract Support

Required Properties

You may wish to specifically consider the following property settings when setting up your site for compliance with DCAA guidelines.  This first set of 6 properties are considered required in order to maintain DCAA compliance.


Optional Properties

The properties listed below are optional for DCAA compliance.  


When enabling the Timesheet Audit Trail feature, you have the option to include an additional "Other" Change Reason by including the following property:



Depending on how you would like to control how users can perform work on behalf of others, you will need to include one of the two sets of properties below.


If you intend to allow managers to edit their user's time and expenses and/or allow alternates to perform work on behalf of other users (e.g. alternate approvers), you will need to consider the various review required properties below in order to remain DCAA compliant.  Enabling the following properties allows for the ability to have other do work on one another's behalf (so long as the original user reviews the work).



Alternatively, you can leave the review required feature disabled and instead control which users can act on behalf of other users by limiting who can become an alternate, and removing the manager's ability to edit their user's time and expenses by considering the properties below.



Further, the various roles within Unanet can be configured to not provide the ability to assign an Alternate (on a role by role basis).  For example, you may desire to disable the capability to have any timesheet users delegate their time reporting responsibilities.  This feature cannot currently be configured via a property or via the Unanet user interface, however, the customer service team can provide instructions (e.g. a SQL script to make the necessary database update to make a particular role 'un-delegatable').

The following properties facilitate your ability to display a custom message on the timesheet that will appear in a popup dialog box upon submittal.  This feature can be used, for example, to display a policy statement that the user must accept: