Approving Time, Leave Request and Expense Entries

When a user submits a timesheet or expense report, the system can be configured to require a number of different types of approvals, including People Approvals and Project Approvals.

There are a number of configuration settings that can influence whether approvals are required, whether you can approve your own items, if you must review items submitted by your alternates, whether you must have a particular role to become an alternate approver, etc.

People Approvals  (by Managers)

In order to utilize the people approval feature, users must be associated with an Approval Group.  Each Approval Group can have one to many Manager approvers, who will each need to approve your submitted timesheet, leave request or expense report.   Users may belong to one approval group for both their time and expense approval needs, or they may belong to two separate groups (each having different approvers).  The time approval group will also be used for the leave request approvals.  Unanet Administrators maintain the Approval Group listings.

Check out the People Approvals for more information.

Project Approvals (by Project Approvers and/or Customer Approvers)

There are a number of project attribute settings that can influence whether approvals are required for a particular project, for time and / or expenses, by the project approver and perhaps additionally by a customer approver.  Project Managers can associate specific users on a project by project basis to be responsible for approving time and or expenses for a project.  Similarly, Project Managers can designate users having the Customer role to provide an additional level of approvals on a project by project basis.  

Project Approvals are not relevant to the approval of leave requests.

Check out the Project Approvals for more information.

Check out Statuses for more information about the various statuses a timesheet or expense report can be in relative to the approval process.

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