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The Add Invoices screen is used to generate invoices for one or many projects (or Invoice Groups).  Once an invoice has been created, it can be further modified or removed via the List Invoices screens.

Note that a project can only have one draft invoice in existence at any one time.  To invoice items posted after a draft invoice has been created, you can either delete the draft invoice then recreate a new draft invoice (which would pick up all eligible items) or complete the existing draft invoice and then create a new invoice (to pickup just the newly posted items).


This screen is available to users having any of the following roles: Administrator, P&R Administrator, Billing Manager (and alternate).  If the user is a Billing Manager, they must have Billing Manager access for the primary project for which the invoice is being created.


This screen is available with the Project Tracking and Project Portfolio family of Unanet licenses.


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Using the Add Invoices Search screen, you can refine the list of projects that are to be included in the invoice generation process.   In addition to providing selection criteria to narrow down the list of projects to be included, you will also need to specify the Through Date and Invoice Date.  For reporting purposes, you will also have the choice of including those projects that already have a draft bill or have no eligible items to bill at all.  Keep in mind you can only have one draft bill in existence at any one time per project.

Note that what is included on an invoice is not governed by any post date, but rather what has been posted in comparison to the Through Date supplied on the selection criteria screen.

Field Descriptions (click on a link below for additional information):



The resulting list will resemble the following example.  The user will place a check mark next to each project to be invoiced and click on the Generate Invoice button to initiate the process.  Checking the check box at the top of the column will toggle all check box values (checked / unchecked).  

When a project (or any project associated with an Invoice Group) currently has a draft invoice created (and you've checked the "Include projects with Draft invoices" option on the Search tab), this list would include the project, but the check box would be grayed out (since you can only create one draft invoice for a project at any one time).  

The Generate Invoices button will only appear if the list contains at least one project having data eligible to be included on an invoice.



Group Invoices (those Invoices that are comprised of multiple projects), will always be represented by the Lead Project of the Invoice Group in this listing (even if you searched for one of the Contributor Projects). These items will be distinguished in the listing with a diamond () symbol and will also have the eye glasses () icon available (see Popup Reports below for more information).   The values appearing in this listing for those projects identified as Group Invoices, are aggregated from the Project Lead's and all of its Contributor Projects' values (for the time frame that the projects participated in the current Invoice Group.  The values displayed on the click-through reports, however, will show ALL activity for the included projects (not just the activity that occurred while the project participated in the current Invoice Group).

Field Descriptions (click on a link below for additional information):


Invoice Creation Process


Primary Invoice Project


Invoice Creation Prerequisites


Invoice Creation Processing


If generating an invoice for an Invoice Group, the details above apply to all projects participating in that group.


Billing and Revenue Summary & Detail Popup Reports


Billing and Revenue Summary Report Popup

Clicking on the eye glasses  () icon (only available on a Group Invoice rows), will display a popup version of the Billing and Revenue Summary report, to contain details for all of the projects included in the Invoice Group.  


Billing and Revenue Detail Report Popups

Clicking on any of the click through values in the Unbilled, Invoiced and Totals columns, will display a popup version of the Billing and Revenue Details report showing the journal entry transaction details that make up the amounts displayed on this List screen.  


Note that the details on the popup reports reflect all billing activity for an included project regardless of whether it previously belonged to another Invoice Group or was previously a Standalone project (not just the activity since it has been associated with the current Invoice Group).  As such, the amounts included in this list related to a particular project (ie in the Invoiced columns) may not match the total of the values appearing in the popup report for individual projects.  Further, no projects that were previously associated with this Invoice Group will have their details included in the popup report.  



In the example below, the Unbilled value was clicked and the report output includes those items that have been posted having a bill date after the Through Date supplied on the selection criteria screen (ie posted items that are not included on the existing draft invoice).


Invoiced - Draft

In the example below, the Draft value was clicked and the report output includes details of those items included on the draft invoice.


Invoiced - Billed

In the example below, the Billed value was clicked and the report output includes details previously completed invoices for this project.



In the example below, the Total  value was clicked and the report output includes details from various statuses (Unbilled, Draft and Billed).


You'll notice in the legend at the top of these popup reports, that Adjustments and Expenses are each included based on a particular date for comparison.  The dates involved in these comparisons are defined by the Unanet Administrator on the Admin >> Setup >> Billing screen.

Add Invoice Feedback

Once the Invoice Generation is run, the Billing Manager will see feedback written to the screen that will indicate the projects and status of each project included in the creation process.  Should any unexpected issues be encountered, additional details will be written to the screen for the effected project.


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