General Ledger - Cost Pool Calculation


The Cost Pool Calculation screen is available to run the cost pool calculation process for all or selected Cost Pool Groups for which Cost Pools have been defined in the Setup >> Cost Pool Groups screen.  The calculation process can be run one or many times for a given Legal Entity, Cost Pool Group, Fiscal Period.  The resulting allocated amounts (and optional actual indirect cost rates) are available for viewing and potentially posting to the General Ledger (and optionally the rates to the Cost Structure >> Indirect Cost Rates).  



This screen is available to users having any of the following roles: Administrator, GL Admin


This screen is available with the Project Financials family of Unanet licenses.


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Using the Search screen, you can refine the list of Legal Entity / Cost Pool Group / Fiscal Period with which you would like to initiate a cost pool calculation.  

Field Descriptions (click on a link below for additional information):



The resulting list of Cost Pool Groups may include entries that are available for cost pool calculation as well as those that have been previously posted (and thus unavailable for re-calculation unless their previous post has been voided).

Using the leading check boxes, you can identify which entries to include in the calculation process.  These entries can have their cost pools calculated and re-calculated as many times as you like until such time that the results have been posted (via the Cost Pool Calculation List screen).

To initiate a calculation process, select one or many Cost Pool Groups from this screen and click on the Calculate button.


Field Descriptions (click on a link below for additional information):




Calculation Process


Eligibility for cost pool groups


Eligibility for cost pools


Eligible transactions for cost pool Pool (Numerator)


Eligible transactions for cost pool Base (Denominator)


Calculate Process


See Cost Pool Calculation List - View Details to see the detailed entries generated during a successful 'Calculate' process.

Calculation Process - Feedback

Once the calculation is run, the user will see feedback written to the screen that will indicate the cost pools included in the process.  Should any unexpected issues be encountered, additional details will be written to the screen for the effected cost pools.  Note that any cost pools that encounter an error during the calculation process would result in no calculations being saved.  Other cost pools within that same run that did not encounter issues would have their results saved.



From this feedback screen you can navigate to one of two places depending on the button you click:



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