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This screen can be used to create and maintain the set of Additional Item Types (aka one time charges) that will be available for use in your system (in conjunction with the Billing functionality).  The Additional Item Types defined on this screen are available for use when a Billing Manager is creating an invoice and would like to add additional items.   The Billing Manager will be able to provide any type of description for each item added to an invoice, but must select one of these Item Types when making that entry.  Billing Managers can add additional items when editing an existing draft invoice (accessible via the Billing >> List Invoices screen) or when initially creating a draft invoice (via the Billing >> Add Invoices screen).   

Note that this is the "type" of additional charge and is used to determine which journal accounts the charges will be associated with.  The label displayed with a specific additional item appearing on an invoice will be entered during the invoice creation process.


This screen is available to users having any of the following roles: Administrator and P&R Administrator


This screen is available with the Project Tracking and Project Portfolio family of Unanet licenses.


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Example Additional Item Types maintenance screen:

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Manage Accounts

The Additional Item Types >> Accounts screen is available to associate specific Accounts to a number of Account Categories by Additional Item Type, to be used during a variety of posting activities.   

A typical usage of this capability might be to handle taxes where a customer has taxes for multiple states.  You could set up multiple Additional Item Types for each jurisdiction and point each one to an appropriate sales tax liability account for that particular entity in your financial system.

Whether the Account values you specify on this screen are utilized during the posting procedures will depend on which Posting Group the project being processed is associated with, assuming the activity is project related. Project Posting Groups are designated on the Project Profile >> Accounting tab.  Should the associated Posting Group be configured to consider the additional item types level accounts, these values may be used.  If no specific custom Posting Group governs the project related transactions, then the account defaulting rules specified in the System Default Posting Group will apply.

The list of available Account Categories that can have additional item types specific Accounts specified is pre-defined in your system.    For more information about Account Categories, see the Account Category Descriptions topic.


When clicking on the or icons in the Additional Item Type List, you will be presented with a screen resembling the following.  Using the pencil icon, you can edit account category entries and associate or remove an existing account.  

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