Integrating Unanet with External Systems

While Unanet can provide tremendous value as a standalone system, it can also be used in conjunction with other existing systems.  It is often common for customers to integrate Unanet with their existing Human Resources, Payroll or Accounting systems to avoid duplicate data entry, improve data accuracy, expedite payroll, employee reimbursement, customer billing and more.  

Unanet provides an Integration Manager consisting of imports and exports to interface Unanet with other existing systems.  


Unanet has been integrated with:

Accounting Systems:

Payroll Systems:


Typical applications:


Unanet Imports

To facilitate the integration process, Unanet has developed an Import feature which will allow for the importing of user and project data.  There are a number of imports available including People, Project, Task, Assignments, Time, Expense and more.  The import process currently requires a simple comma separated file format (one format for each of the import types).

To facilitate unattended imports, Unanet has a Command Line Import feature which can be used in conjunction with a custom customer created process to programmatically invoke a particular import.  This could be used, for example, to keep Unanet updated on a periodic basis with the latest personnel and project data updates.  

To further help manage the various steps included with an inbound interface, the Integration Management Utility (IMU) can be used to help control the execution of the data generation steps, the import into Unanet steps, error checking and reporting, etc.

Unanet Exports

To facilitate the feeding of actuals collected in Unanet, a powerful Export feature is available which can be used to define data output formats (via export templates).  Current output formats include fixed fielded and csv (comma separated values) formats.  Many customers utilize the export feature to pull data for the purposes of feeding a downstream system while others utilize this feature for loading data into a spreadsheet program for additional data analysis and custom reporting needs.

To facilitate unattended exports, Unanet has a Command Line Export feature which can be used in conjunction with a custom customer created process to programmatically invoke a particular export.  This could be used, for example, to pull completed expense reports into a downstream system on a periodic basis without requiring any human intervention.  

Implementation Standards

While customers may use Unanet for a variety of purposes and may interface with a variety of 3rd party products, it may be helpful to follow one of the standard configuration guidelines when integrating with a particular back office product.  


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