Contact Us

The Contact Us link on the Admin dashboard,  is only available to users with the Administrator role.  The purpose of this item is to help facilitate the Administrator in contacting Unanet should they require additional support.  

This menu item links to the Contact Us page on the Unanet world wide web site.  

Reporting System Issues

The Unanet Customer Service team is working to answer customer calls and e-mails as soon as possible. In order to make the support process as efficient as possible it is highly appreciated if answers to the questions below are available prior to reporting the issue.


Collecting additional error details......

It is also very helpful if the "About" page on the Help menu is saved as html and included in any e-mail (Administrators can also click the "Send to Unanet" button to forward this information directly to Unanet Customer Service).

You can collect additional information if an error does occur.  Right click on the page where it happens, not on the green menu, or the banner. An option will pop up that says "view source". Click on view source, and in the IE browser, a text editor, such as notepad will appear with html code inside. In the Firefox browser, a new browser will appear with all html code. For IE, in the notepad application, go to "file", "save as". Save this with any name you would like, giving it a .html extension, for example, "error.html". For the Firefox browser, you will have to highlight all the text, copy it into a text editor, and do the same to save as above. Then, send us this saved html file. With this, we can look at it and possibly see where the error occurred.

Troubleshooting and Logging

Check out the information at the following link in our documentation that further describes Troubleshooting and Logging.  The servlet engine logs will contain additional details about your system activities.

Support issues should be sent to your local support point of contact -- or -- to the Unanet Customer Service team.