Upgrading or Migrating your Unanet Version

There are two distinct procedures for updating your Unanet system.  Which one you will use depends on the version of Unanet you are moving from and the version of Unanet you are moving to.  

Unanet Version Numbering

The Unanet version consists of three numbers separated by decimal points.  Take, for example, the following version number:

Version 10.1 .5

The first two numbers indicate the major release -- in this case, 10.1 .  The last number is always the point release (or build number).  In general, the major release number changes when there has been a significant database schema change and/or a large addition to functionality.  The point release changes usually contain smaller, more focused functionality enhancements and bug fixes.  



Please review the Important Impacts to existing Customers information before proceeding with a version migration.  

Please backup your database prior to running any migration scripts!

Notify Unanet

Unanet Customer Service is always interested in keeping up with which versions of software are in use at customer sites.  At the conclusion of your installation or upgrade, please take a quick minute to send an email to support@unanet.com indicating your success (along with the version you are running).  If you have the time, you could also click on the Send to Unanet button on the About page (which will forward your platform details to customer service).