Uninstalling Unanet

The structure of the Unanet application can change from one major release to another -- files and directories may be added or removed.  For this reason, it is best to completely uninstall your old version of Unanet.  Please make sure you have completed the previous step, backing up your system, before proceeding with this step!

The topics covered on this page include:

Uninstalling the Unanet Application

The first step in uninstalling Unanet is to shut down your Servlet Engine (i.e. Tomcat).  It may also be necessary to shut down your web server in order to remove all the files.


Important:  Be careful not to delete your backed up Unanet properties files when you delete your existing installation directories!

Next Step

Step 4 -- Install the New Release

Now that you've completely removed the old Unanet release, it's time to install the new one.