Major Release Migration Check List

How to use the Migrate Checklist

Follow these steps if you are migrating from an earlier major release to release 10.1 (e.g. 9.6 .x to 10.1 .x)  Otherwise, if you want to upgrade from one minor point release to the another (e.g. 10.1 .2 to 10.1 .4) see the Upgrade instructions.


backup your database and property files prior to running any migration scripts!

One of the more common migration issues reported to support involves customers that do not make appropriate database backups or properly backup and restore property files after a migration.  Please be sure to carefully follow the migration instructions.

When to Migrate Tip:
  While the migration may take as few as 30 minutes (depending on your database size), you will see that we recommend backing up your system prior to making any system changes and thus you may want to schedule this activity for periods of low usage or even off hours as a general practice.  Further, you may want to avoid migrating immediately prior to a critical usage period (e.g. immediately before a timesheet submittal day, approval day, end of quarter, end of fiscal year, etc).

Test System:
 Note that the license agreement does allow for you to use the file on multiple installations of Unanet (assuming the additional copies of Unanet are for testing purposes only).  Unanet does encourage you to install a test instance for the purpose of experimenting with new functionality, new product versions or troubleshooting issues. You may consider conducting your migration on a test environment prior to the migration of your production system to ensure the smoothest production upgrade experience.  This is particularly important if you have custom integration for importing into Unanet, or exporting out of Unanet.

Please take a moment to review the System Requirements to be sure you have the necessary versions / current patches of 3rd party components in place before proceeding with this migration.

The Migration Check List below lists the necessary migration steps.  

Migration Check List

Step 1 - Download Software
Step 2 - Backup your data
Step 3 - Uninstall existing version
Step 4 - Install new version
Step 5 - Migrate Database
Step 6 - Configure Servlet Engine
Step 7 - Verify the Migration
Step 8 - Finish Migration (and notify Unanet Customer Service)


Once you have completed the instructions for each step, you have several navigation options:


Some steps depend on the components you've chosen for your Unanet environment (i.e., Oracle, SQL Server, Tomcat, etc.) and require some additional navigation.  You'll be asked to choose the correct link in these cases.

Migration Considerations

Note 1: While this is not required, we suggest that you perform a dry run of your migration by creating a test environment, complete with a cloned copy of your production database.  Taking this extra time, may surface any unexpected issues and allow you to better prepare for the actual production migration.  This will also provide you with an opportunity to identify any necessary changes to your custom imports or custom exports should there be any changes necessitated by the new Unanet version.

You may also want to (if necessary) prepare your user community for any changes that may affect them (in order to reduce any possible user confusion upon their initial login to the updated version).

Note 2: You should review the What's New page in the help documentation to make sure you are familiar with system changes as well as any critical differences noted in the Important Impacts section (e.g. Import layout changes).

Note 3: If your site uses any custom stored procedures or other external customized programs (e.g. for reporting or integration), you should review (and test) this logic to make sure it will still function with the latest version.   You may want to review the database migration scripts to gain a complete understanding of any new, removed or renamed fields or tables.  These scripts are located in your \unanet\database directory (under oracle or sql server).

Note 4: If your site uses the command line import, command line export, ImportDiff Utility features, run from a remote machine or from a location other than the default utilities directory, you must use the appropriate version of the Import.jar, export.jar or ImportDiff.jar file packaged with each release.  When migrating from one major release to the next major release, you'll need to make sure you copy the new file to your remote machine.

Note 5: Single Sign On / Authentication Configuration Changes  
Notice to customers migrating from a version prior to 9.2 having systems configured to use advanced authentication / single sign on.  These later version of Unanet contain an updated release of JCIFS which may require changes to your configuration (ie jaas.config file  for Tomcat).

--  If you are using any login module other than the or, you will need to remove the "balance" option for the module declaration.

When using either the or modules, if you have specified a domain value that is not your Pre-Windows 2000 (NetBIOS) domain name, you will need to remove the “balance” option for the module declaration.

Having Problems?

If you are experiencing problems, contact Unanet Customer Support for assistance.

Begin Your Migration

Step1 -- Download Software

Begin with Step 1, obtaining the new software installation package.