text.properties file

The text.properties file can be used to override the default text that is displayed in your system (ie you may refer to "Pay Code" as "Pay Type"). While support for customizing these labels exists in the product, configuring the text.properties file will most likely require that you contact Unanet Customer Service to assist with the specific syntax for the customization.  

Do note that not all labels can be overridden and thus changing a label can result in inconsistent references to particular fields.  Also note that should you change default system labels, communicating with Unanet Customer Service can be more challenging as they may not be familiar with your custom terminology.


Note: this functionality is enabled by creating the necessary entries in the text.properties file, which resides in your system's config directory.  You cannot manage this functionality via the user interface.

This file can be viewed/edited with any standard text editor.   

WARNING - All changes to the text.properties file should take place in the file located in your config directory.  DO NOT attempt to modify the copy of the text.properties file packaged within the unanet.war file (this can result in unpredictable system behavior).  

This file is not required.


Legacy Functionality Note:  In previous versions of Unanet, there were several properties that could be configured to display customer messages on the editable and preview versions of the timesheet.  These properties are now managed via the Admin >> Properties >> Time  >> Edit Settings screen (or via the unanet.properties file).

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