Unanet Property Files

System Administrators can customize the behavior of Unanet by modifying a variety of system properties.  Depending on what you are attempting to configure, you may need to edit an ascii text file on your Unanet server or you may be able to accomplish your property setting via the user interface.

In your Unanet Home Directory (e.g. c:\unanet), you will find a sub-directory called \config.  This directory is used to store the various unanet configuration files (we refer to them as "property files").


To edit these files, open the file using any text editor. Any changes to any of these files will require that you stop and restart the Servlet Engine service (e.g. Tomcat) in order for the changes to take effect.  

On Demand (hosted customers) will need to contact Unanet Customer support to request property changes for those properties that cannot be managed via the Admin >> Properties screen.

WARNING - Any changes to the property files should take place in the files located in your config directory.  DO NOT attempt to modify the copy of any property files packaged within the unanet.war file (this can result in unpredictable system behavior and is a violation of the end user license agreement).  

Note: Modifications that can be made to the system are limited to the manipulation of these configuration files. Any modifications you make to the system must not violate the terms of your license agreement.

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