This file is provided by Unanet Technologies and should look similar to the example below (depending on the product edition you have purchased and installed).   

Make sure you copy the file that you received from Unanet Technologies into your Unanet home directory (ie  \config  )

# UnaTime License  <<Key to access the timesheet>> <<Your Company Name>>
unatime.license.users= <<number you purchased>>


See the Features by License for more information about the various functionality available with each Unanet edition.

License Count Limit Warning

Administrations have the option to enable the Warn Within n Users of Limit (0 = No Warning)  (unanet.license_check.warning_interval) property, which is used to activate a warning on their dashboards when the remaining available licensed user count reaches the specified threshold.

A setting of zero (0) indicates that no warning should be given.  This may be useful if you have an actively growing user count and desire to stay ahead of running out of licensed seats.


Note that the license agreement does allow for you to use the file on multiple installations of Unanet (assuming the additional copies of Unanet are for testing purposes only).  Unanet does encourage you to install a test instance for the purpose of experimenting with new functionality, new product versions or troubleshooting issues.

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