New Installation Check List

The installation and setup of Unanet takes about 1 to 2 hours, if you are familiar with configuring databases and web servers.  The steps below will walk you through the process.  These steps cover the actual / physical installation (e.g. creating the database tables, configuring the system to connect to your database, creating an initial administrative account, etc.).  The result of these steps will be a usable (albeit empty) Unanet application.

Please thoroughly review the entire Installation Instructions prior to commencing with your installation.

The New Installation Check List below lists the necessary installation steps.  

New Installation Check List

Step 1 - System Requirements
Step 2 - Install Unanet Software
Step 3 - Install Database
Step 4 - Install Java
Step 5 - Install Servlet Engine (Tomcat)
Step 6 - Test Access to Unanet
Step 7 - Configure Email (optional)
Step 8 - Finish Installation (and notify Unanet Customer Service)


Once you have completed the instructions for each step, you have several navigation options:


Some steps depend on the components you've chosen for your Unanet environment (i.e., Oracle, SQL Server, Tomcat, etc.) and require some additional navigation.  You'll be asked to choose the correct link in these cases.

Note:  If you are UPGRADING or MIGRATING an existing installation, DO NOT follow these instructions, but rather follow the appropriate upgrade or migrate procedures.

Notify Unanet

Unanet Customer Service is always interested in keeping up with which versions of software are in use at customer sites.  At the conclusion of your installation, please take a quick minute to send an email to indicating your success (along with the version you are running).  If you have the time, you could also click on the Send to Unanet button on the About page (which will forward your platform details to customer service).  


Next Step

Step 1 -- System Requirements

Please review the System Requirements help page to make sure you have the necessary 3rd party components (and valid versions) prior to commencing with the installation.  If you are still in the planning phase, you may also be interested in reviewing the Sample Platforms and Network Considerations help pages.

Before proceeding with the next step, you must first have your server operating system and database software installed.

Step 2 -- Install Unanet Software

Having completed the reviews above, you can move on to Step 2 to begin Installing the Unanet Software.

Having Problems?

If you are experiencing difficulties try reviewing the Common SQL Server Issues help pages.  If you are still having problems, contact Unanet Customer Support for assistance.