Deep Linking

Deep linking allows a user to directly target a page within Unanet without having to navigate the application (typically via a bookmark).  Other uses for this feature would be to include a link to a users current timesheet within an email reminder.  The administrator can determine the desired link by first navigating to that area of the product and copying the URL.  Another common use may be to include a link directly to an approval queue.  


For example, the current timesheet link may look something like:


Another example, to directly link to the current mobile friendly version of the timesheet, the link may look something like:


You would be advised to avoid including any 'keyed' URL (that is, any url that included a specific key value).

Not all pages within Unanet can be 'deep linked' into.  Certain pages require specific roles or are relative to a specific user and thus a saved URL may work for one person but not the next.

Also note that the URL strings may change between Unanet versions.


Deep Linking and Single Sign-On

When used in conjunction with single sign-on, deep linking can save navigation time.  This feature, however, can also be used without the single sign-on.  In these cases, after clicking on a link that should deliver the user deep within Unanet, the user will initially be presented with the Unanet login screen, and after supplying the user id and password, will immediately be delivered to the targeted screen.