Time - ETC (Estimate to Completion)

The Time >> ETC screen is available to provide timesheet users with a mechanism to view and update ETC (Estimate to Completion) entries for multiple assignments at once.  This menu option can be disabled via the Enable ETC Collection on Timesheet (unatime.etc_collection.enabled) property.  

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Example ETC screen:

Users can use the Search tab to refine the list of assignments that will be displayed on the resulting List tab (where they can view and update ETC values).

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Once you have supplied the desired selection criteria, click on the List tab to display matching Assignments.  On this screen, you can then update and save ETC values.  

In order to update the Hours (ETC) or Date (EDC) Estimated Date of Completion values, you must first enable the field for update by clicking the check box at the far left of a particular row.  Whenever updating the values in these fields, the Last Updated On date is also stamped with the current date.  When checking the check box on a particular row, the Last Updated On date will be updated on that row even if you make no changes to the other editable fields.  This allows you to indicate that as of a certain point in time what ever the values are in those other Estimates to Completion fields are valid (ie even though another week has elapsed, your previous ETC estimate has not changed and you still have that much work remaining).   This is of importance when you plan to use the Calculated Hours estimate values (as it revises the entered ETC values considering additional actuals that have been entered since the Last Updated On date).

See ETC Wizard for more information about managing ETCs.


The contents of this screen are very similar to the output available on the Schedule Detail report.

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