Restricting Data Visibility

Unanet has a number of features that can be used in conjunction to limit which people and projects users will have access to (depending on their roles).  

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Visibility and People Data

Users having one of the following roles will have access to the People Reports:  


Users having the Resource Planner and Resource Assigner roles will have access to the Resource Reports:  


Visibility and Project Data

Users having one of the following project related roles will have access to the Project Reports:  


For each of the roles above, these users will have visibility limited to those projects belonging to specified Project and Owning Organizations as defined on the Organization Access screens on their Person Profile.  Options available on the Organization Access screen include granting visibility to projects in All, None or Selected project and owning organizations.

In conjunction with the Organization Access settings, each project can be defined to optionally allow the users having the individual roles above access to that project so long as they have Organization Access for the Project and Owning Organizations to which that project belongs.  If such global access is not desired, individual projects can be configured to prevent access by those having organizational access and instead only those users specifically identified on the Project Administrators tabs will have access to that project.

Further, users having one of the following reports will have access to the reports related to Billing, Invoicing and Journal Entries (within the Project Reports section):


Note that these users can also have their visibility restricted by both Project and Owning Organizations as defined on the Organization Access screen.


Users having any of the Resource Planner, Resource Assigner and Resource Requestor roles will have access to the Resource Reports:  


Note regarding Organizational Hierarchy:  When associating a user with an organization via the Organization Access screens, the user will have visibility into that organizations data as well as all of its children's organizations (if you have define parent organization relationships).


Note regarding Alternates:  In addition to the various mechanisms described above, users may also assume people and project visibility through the Alternate capability, that is, when User A is assigned as an alternate for User B, User B can see their own People and Project in addition to User A's people and projects.

Note regarding Resource Planners and Assigners and project level alternates.  If a Resource Planner or Assigner is defined as a project level alternate, this does not provide that user with additional 'people' visibility (only additional project visibility).

Note that a users ability to view and manipulate bill or cost related fields is governed by each users Cost Rate and Bill Rate Manager role assignments in conjunction with the Allow Bill Rate Edit (unasource.allow_bill_rate_edit) and Allow Cost Rate Edit (unasource.allow_cost_rate_edit) properties.

Examples / Scenarios

Depending on the objectives of your organization, you may choose to follow one of the following options when configuring people and project visibility.





This feature can be configured in a variety of combinations to meet many needs by user role and by project.

Importing your Configuration

To further support the configuration of the people and project access, the following imports can be used:


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