Custom Logo Displayed on Report Output

Unanet standard reports can be configured to display a custom logo (or other graphic image) along the top of the report output .  The feature can be configured to allow the user to select one of several images to include.  By default, no image is displayed along the top of the report output.

Topics covered on this help page include:

Enabling the Company Logo Feature

To enable this feature, the Administrator will need to load up the custom images via the Admin >> Setup >> Images screen (defining images of type "report").


Note that the legacy method of defining report logos involved setting the following properties (unanet.logo.src, unanet.logo.alt, and unanet.logo.url).  Should these properties be configured in your installation, you should consider removing them and using the Admin >> Setup >> Images screen instead.

Example - Selection Criteria Control when Report Logo feature enabled

Displayed below is an example of the selection criteria control that allows the user to specify which Report Logo they would like displayed on the report output.  When a single report logo image has been defined in your system, you will only have the 'Yes' 'No' control.  When multiple report logo images have been defined, the user will also see a drop-down selection box where they can choose which logo to include.

Example - Sample report output showing logo

In this example, the Unanet logo was specified.  The logo will appear in both the standard report output as well as the Print Friendly version.  The logo appears in the upper left corner of the report output to the left of the report title.