Reports - Project - Periodic - Plan Set Comparison


This report can be run to compare planning scenarios as saved across various plan sets for zero to many projects.   The output can be displayed in a periodic Daily, Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly layout.  Note that only the highest plan set version of the specified plan set(s) will be included in the report output.

Using the available selection criteria, you can summarize the output by a variety of attributes (eg. by Project, Person, Labor Category, Expense Type, etc), the output can include Hours, Bill, Cost, Margin, % Margin or FTE information, and can include variances between plan sets as well.


This report will only appear if you have the Plan Set feature enabled (via the Enable Multiple Plan Sets (unanet.plan_sets.enabled) property which is disabled by default).  This report is available with the Project Portfolio Unanet license.

Project Administrators will have access to this report.


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Selection Criteria

Project Administrators that do not have the Bill or Cost Rate Manager roles can have access to the margin options when the Allow Project Margin Reporting for Non-Cost Rate Managers  (unanet.non_cost_mgr.allow_project_margin_reporting) property is enabled.

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