Reports - Project Accounting - Project Revenue & Funding Summary


This report provides a one line summarized view of revenue and funding by project (or optionally by task or task roll-up).  

The formula used to determine what data will be included in this report output is established on the  Admin >> Setup >> Cost Report screen (where the Administrator can define their custom rules for revenue and budget calculations).  The report item having the "Use in Revenue Report" attribute checked will be the basis for the revenue and budget calculation on this report.  If no report items on that screen have been designated with this indicator, this report will not return any results.   As an alternative, when defining the custom rules on the Cost Report screen, the reports can be configured to use Unanet’s standard revenue calculation rules.  The standard rules calculate revenue based on the project’s Billing Type, where Billing Type may be Fixed Price (FP), Time & Materials (T&M), or Cost Plus (CP).

Clicking on the CSV icon at the top of the report criteria page will run the report using the specified criteria but will download the report to a .csv file instead of displaying the report.


Only those project's having a Cost Structure indicated will be included in the Project Costing reports.  

Actuals charged by users having a default Cost Structure / Cost Element definition (or project level override Cost Structure / Cost Element definition) will immediately appear on the Project Costing reports (that is, these reports include time having any timesheet status). Financial document labor, expense, and item detail lines are also included in actuals.

This report will not run unless the Unanet Administrator has added the necessary Cost Report  definition.


This report is available to users having any of the following roles:  Administrator and P&R Administrator. This report is also available for users with project oriented roles (i.e., Project Manager, Project Viewer, Project Lead, Project Approver, or Resource Requestor) that also have the Cost Rate Manager role or the Allow Project Cost Reporting for Non-Cost Rate Managers (unanet.non_cost_mgr.allow_project_cost_reporting) property enabled.


This report is available with the Project Tracking or Project Portfolio family of licenses.


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Example Report Output

CSV Output

On this report you will notice the CSV () icon, which can be used to generate a CSV formatted output.  Whatever columns you select under Column Options will also appear in the CSV formatted document.


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