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This report will provide summary level information related to what has happened in the system with respect to billing and revenue recognition.  This report does not include any projected values.  The transactions reported on in this report are the result of the Post or Invoice Completion processes.  This report provides a summary of all billing and revenue transactions posted to Unanet Journals for a given project through a given date.  

When running this report, you will need to indicate whether the resulting output should include data related to Billing or Revenue or both.  A number of the values appearing on this report will allow you to click through to see additional details regarding what makes up a particular number as displayed on a Billing and Revenue Detail report.  You can return to the Summary report after having clicked through to the Detail version.

Clicking on the CSV icon at the top of the report criteria page will run the report using the specified criteria but will download the report to a .csv file instead of displaying the report.



This report is available to users having any of the following roles:  Administrator, P&R Administrator, Billing Manager, Billing Viewer (and their alternates).


This report is available with the Project Tracking and Project Portfolio family of licenses.


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Selection Criteria

Field Descriptions (click on a link below for additional information)


Example Report Output

The summaries of the deferred revenue, recognized revenue, and billed charges equate directly to their respective journal transactions.  Unbilled journal transactions, however, may be further subcategorized by this report into unbilled and deferred billings.    



Data Collection Notes


See the Post and Invoice Completion processes for more information about how Unanet Journal entries are created.


CSV Output

On this report you will notice the CSV () icon, which can be used to generate a CSV formatted output.  Whatever columns you select under Column Options will also appear in the CSV formatted document.


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