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This report provides a periodic view of time charged to a project by Cost Element displayed in Week, Month or Quarterly increments.

-- Only those project's having a Cost Structure defined will be included in the Project Costing reports.  
-- This report includes actuals from timesheets and expense reports in any status, and from financial document labor, expense, and item detail lines.
-- This report will not run unless the Administrator has created at least one Report Definition.


This report is available to users having any of the following roles:  Administrator and P&R Administrator.

The following Project Administrator roles can have access to this report when the Allow Project Cost Reporting for Non-Cost Rate Managers  (unanet.non_cost_mgr.allow_project_cost_reporting) property is enabled or if they also have the Cost Rate Manager role:

Note: The "project oriented" roles referred to in the property description are the ones listed above.


This report is available with the Project Portfolio family of licenses.


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Example Report Output

See Revenue and Cost Reporting Calculations for more information about the values on this report.


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