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This report will provide details for the Current Period, Year to Date and Total to Date summary of project profitability with one line per Org, Project or Task (depending on selection criteria chosen).  The report will only run on posted data and can optionally include Indirect Costs.  Options for arranging the output by Project Manager, Owning or Project Org, Posted Org, and more can be configured.  This report has the potential to report on net margin as it not only gathers labor and expense bill and cost information, but also considers fixed price, fee and funding cap adjustments, write offs, direct and indirect costs, etc.

Differences between the Project Margin (T&E) and Project Margin reports.



This report is available to users having any of the following roles:  Administrator, P&R Administrator, and Project Administrators (that also have the Cost Rate Manager role or the Allow Project Cost Reporting for Non-Cost Rate Managers (unanet.non_cost_mgr.allow_project_cost_reporting) property is enabled).



This report is available with the Project Tracking and Project Portfolio family of licenses.



Topics covered on this help page include:


Selection Criteria

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Report / Field Description Notes


See Revenue and Cost Reporting Calculations for more information about the values on this report.


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