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This report provides a detailed view of charges by ODC Element and further by Expense Type.  If the Unanet Project Portfolio license is in use, ODC Detail actuals can be compared with Budgets or Plans.  This report can display actuals only, or can be run to include expense budget or expense plan amounts. If there are actuals that cannot be mapped to a cost element, these actuals will appear in the report in the "Unmapped ODC" section, and will be included in the report totals.  

Only those project's having a Cost Structure indicated will be included in this report.

Actuals charged to expense types having Cost Element mappings will immediately appear on the Project Costing reports (that is, these reports include expenses having any expense report status).


This report is available to users having any of the following roles:  Administrator, P&R Administrator and Project Administrators.


This report is available with the Project Tracking and Project Portfolio family of licenses.


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