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This report will provide Administrators with a view of the credit card transactions that have been imported into the system.  Administrators can import credit card transactions via the Admin >> Import >> Credit Card - Generic feature which loads a central repository of credit card details.   This report provides Administrators with a view into that repository.  Expense users have a similar view of just their own transactions via the Expense >> Imported screen.


This report is only available to users having the Administrator role and will only appear on the Reports dashboard if the Enable Credit Card Functionality (unasense.creditcards.enable) property has been enabled.  


This report allows Administrators to view credit card transactions that have already been transferred onto expense reports, that have yet to be transferred onto expense reports, and those transactions that belong to a credit card that is not currently associated with any Unanet user.  


Credit Card numbers can be associated with users via the Person Profile >> Credit Card screen.


Note that the actual card number is encrypted as it is stored in the database and thus cannot be seen by any users (other than the user keying it in during initial entry).


This report is available to users having either of the following roles:  Administrator or P&R Administrator.


This report is available with Project Expense, Project Tracking or Project Portfolio licenses.


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Example Report Output

Note that transactions related to credit cards that are not associated to any users will appear in a separate section of the report ("Unassociated Credit Cards").

Similarly, those credit cards associated with multiple users will also appear in a separate section of the report (with no specific user names displayed).


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