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This chart is intended to facilitate the analysis of future capacity in terms of plans, budgets (and can optionally add requested leave on top) and their variance in a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly bar chart format.   Using the available selection criteria, you can determine whether the output  will include plans and/or budgets, whether the amounts will reflect totals or variance, and the output can reflect either Hours or FTEs (full time equivalent).

Note that when showing plans/budgets the chart will include ALL plans/assignments for a person, regardless of the permissions of the user running the report.  


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You can click on a bar within the chart to run a Periodic Headcount report for the one period represented by the bar.  


This report is available to users having any of the following roles:  Administrator, HR Administrator, P&R Administrator, Manager and Viewer.


This report is available with the Project Portfolio family of licenses.


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