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This report provides a detailed view of a person or persons accrued time details.  This report can be run for a particular person, person organization, or those users that are associated with a particular accrual plan or plans, for a particular date range.  

The resulting output will contain details for:


This may include transactions reflecting an initial balance grant, additional routine periodic accrued amounts, transfer of hours to/from other plans (such as a carryover plan), or plan transfers related to a promotion, as well as time actuals charged against the various accrual projects/tasks.  


This report is available to users having any of the following roles:  Administrator, HR Administrator, P&R Administrator, Manager and Viewer.


This report is available with the Project Time, Project Tracking or Project Portfolio licenses.


Topics covered on this help page include:


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Selection Criteria

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Example Report Output

The Balance on field (in the gray header section) presents the balance as of the day before the report date range.  Note this may differ from the Balance as of value in the report output, as that field represents the balance as of the day before the first entry on the report (if the report output contains items that were associated with periods prior to the report date range, but posted within the report date range).

The Available Hours field (in the gray header section) will reflect the current number of hours available on the associated assignment record.  Depending on the selection criteria specified (i.e., date range, include projected periods, etc.) this value may not align with the final Balance amount displayed on the report (but does reflect the current number of hours that could be charged on a timesheet for this project).

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