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The Project >> Plan Set menu option and screens are available to users having the Project Manager or Administrator role for the purpose of managing the list of plan sets and versions available on a particular project.  

The plan set feature provides functionality to manage various planning scenarios and/or the ability to create baseline plans by creating one or many "sets" of plans, grouped together in what is referred to as a "Plan Set".   Both people plans and expense plans will be associated with a particular version of a "plan set".  Within a project, you can have one to many plan sets, and one to many versions within each distinct plan set name.

An example of a possible usage of the plan set feature could involve a Project Manager creating an original set of planning entries as belonging to a plan set labeled "As Proposed".  This plan set could be locked from further change (thus creating a baseline of sorts).  The locking process will leave the Project Manager with a working copy of the plan set that was locked.  This working copy, by default, will retain the same plan set name with the next available 'version' number.  The working copy of the plan set could be further modified over time and perhaps a version would eventually be renamed "As Sold".   You may subsequently copy that plan set / version to a name such as "As Staffed" and make further modifications.  You can have as many copies and versions as you would like.   


Enabling Plan Set Functionality

This menu option will only appear if you have the Plan Set feature enabled (via the Enable Multiple Plan Sets (unanet.plan_sets.enabled) property which is disabled by default).  This feature is available with the Project Portfolio Unanet license.

When disabled, the planning functionality will not reflect any evidence of this plan set feature, however, all plans added will belong to a default (hidden) plan set.   

When enabled, Project Managers can use this screen to manage the list of plan sets on the current project.  The Administrators will define the set of Plan Set Names that will be available for use on this screen via the Admin >> Setup >> Plan Set Names screen.  All of the project level planning related screens will allow for the designation of the desired plan set that a particular plan should belong (including all planning screens and the project planning grids).  The ability to lock (or freeze) all plans in a plan set can be accomplished on an individual project via this screen or across multiple projects via the Forecast >> Lock Plans screen.  Several reports, including the  Plan Set Comparison and Plan Set Version Comparison, are available to compare various plan sets and versions of those plan sets.


Cross Project Plan Set Management

While you can make changes to the plan sets related to the current project on this screen, you can also manage the following in mass across multiple projects:



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Searching Plan Sets:

You can access this screen by clicking on the People Plans >> Plan Sets menu item on the project profile.   You can use this screen to narrow down the list of plan sets included in the resulting list.

Whether the Search or List tab is displayed by default will be determined by the Default to List Tab on Plan Set List (for lists have <= X plan sets) (unanet.plan_set_list.search_enable.limit) property.  If you manage very large lists of plan sets per project, you may want to have the users begin on the Search tab, otherwise the default behavior is to begin directly on the List tab (with all plan sets and versions displayed).

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Listing Plan Sets:

From the resulting list of plan sets, you can:


See Locking Process for additional details about what happens when a plan set is locked.

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  • List - Icon Controls   (To add, edit, copy, delete, lock or view audit history for a particular plan set)

  • Plan Set

  • Version  (by default, the 'active' version of a plan set is what will be referenced in a number of reports)

  • Description



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