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The Project Notes feature is available for Unanet users to better facilitate project collaboration and the sharing of project information.  Users can create notes for many purposes, such as comments, project status, storing customer communications, document sharing, or can even be used for activities such as managing risks, action items and issues.  

Users associated with a project can create and search the notes database (across projects to which they have visibility).  Note creators can restrict visibility on a note by note basis by user role.  Users can attach multiple files to project notes for anytime, anywhere access by their colleagues.  Users can also add Comments to a particular project note to further facilitate information sharing.  These comments can also contain document attachments.


Accessing Project Notes Functionality

Users can navigate to the Project Notes feature via the Project >> Notes main menu options.  Alternatively, users having access to the Project Profile screens can also access notes from the Notes left menu option on the project profile, and finally, the Notes quick link is available on all user's home dashboard.


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Configuring Project Notes Attributes

Before using Project Notes, your Unanet administrator should define the following attributes available for classifying project notes.  These can be configured to meet your specific needs, such as:


Project Notes User Defined Fields

Beyond these predefined project note attributes, the Administrator can also define up to 20 additional Project Note >> User Defined Fields.  When enabled, these user defined fields will appear as selection criteria on the Project Notes search screens as well as fields available on the resulting output.  Using this capability, your Administrator can further customize the project notes feature to meet your specific usage goals.

Possible example user defined fields might include items such as:  Areas Affected, Priority, Impact, Probability, Resolution.

Searching for Project Notes

Using the Project>> Notes main menu Search / List screens, you can choose to either display a complete list of all Unanet project notes (by simply clicking on the List tab), or you can supply selection criteria on the Search tab to narrow down the results, and then click on the List tab to display the filtered list.  

Note that all criteria you supply will identify which project notes to include in the resulting list.  In particular, the selection criteria in the Comments Search Criteria section is also used to identify those project notes to include in the result and does not provide specific filtering to the resulting comments (other than the # of Comments to Display criteria).

An example Search / List screen follows:

Field Descriptions (click on a link below for additional information):


Note that the "Comments Search Criteria" will help determine which project notes should be included in the resulting output and does not further filter to only display matching comments.

Listing Project Notes

The filtered (or complete) list of Unanet project notes will resemble the following example:

Field Descriptions (click on a link below for additional information):



Adding Project Notes

To add a new project note, click on the icon.  See List - Icon Controls for a description of the various icon controls on this screen (including the Add () and Edit () controls).   

The Notes Add screen will resemble the following:

When using this icon to add a new project note via the Project >> Notes menu options, you will be required to specify which project the note is to be associated with.  If you are adding a new note via the Project Profile >> Notes menu option, you are already working on a particular project and thus you will not be prompted to supply a project code.  

Field Descriptions (click on a link below for additional information):


Allowable Attachment Size and Types
The Unanet Administrator may want to suggest guidelines with regards to what types of files may be acceptable to be used as note and comment attachments, particularly in the case when attaching graphics files.  Certain graphics file formats are known to result in much larger files sizes than others and you may want to consider suggesting a specific file type to help control the amount of data being stored in your database.  Generally speaking, jpg and gif files tend to be much smaller than tif and png file formats.

To assist with the control of the size and type of allowable attachments, the Administrator can use the following three properties: Maximum Size Allowed for Each Attachment  (unanet.attachment.max_size), File Extensions that are Not Allowed  (unanet.attachment.invalid_file_extensions) and File Extensions that are Allowed  (unanet.attachment.valid_file_extensions).

Who has access to Project Notes

General Project Visibility

Unanet allows the option to restrict the scope of project data that users can view via the Organization Access feature.  To learn more about this functionality, check out Restrict View.  This over-arching visibility to projects remains in place, while the details below explain further restrictions and permissions to project notes (for those users that can see details for a project at all).


Create Project Notes

Any user associated with a project can create a project note   Being associated includes:


Edit / Delete Project Notes


View Project Notes


Project Note Comments