My Projects

The My Projects screen is used to help control which projects and tasks will be available in a user's drop-down lists on the timesheet and expense reports.  The purpose of the screen is to help users manage the number of projects/tasks that need to be included in their timesheet and expense report project/task drop-downs (thus improving their personal browser and overall system performance).   

This screen will not "un-assign" a user from a project assigned by their Resource Assigner, but rather, simply remove it from their drop-down list on the timesheet or expense report.  They can later move it from Available to Selected should they desire to again have it available for charging.

Users can navigate to this screen via the My Project menu on the Time or Expense main menu, as well as directly from the timesheet (via the My Projects button).  If you have navigated to this screen via the timesheet, you will notice a back to timesheet button which both saves your changes and returns you to the timesheet.

Topics covered on this help page include:

Example My Projects - Search screen:

Depending on the data volumes and the project settings in your system, each user may have many thousands of project/tasks available.  To avoid presenting too much data on the My Projects screen, users can first narrow their selection via a Search screen.  You can specify criteria on one or many of the search screen fields.

If the Default to Search Tab on My Projects  (unanet.assign_search.enabled) property is set to true, then this tab will be active by default when you access the My Projects screen.  This option may be desired if your site has a very large number of open access level projects.

Field Descriptions (click on a link below for additional information)


Example My Projects - List screen:

The My Projects List screen can be used to add and remove projects from the Selected Projects (/Tasks) list, which are the projects that will appear in your timesheet and expense report drop-down lists.

By default, this screen will list the Project Organization followed by the Project Code.  


Further, for those project defined with the 'Manage at Task Level' option enabled, the project will be followed by an indented list of available tasks.  Note that on these types of projects, you must select individual tasks to move, otherwise, you'll select the project code row directly.  In some browsers, it is possible to double click on a task and have all tasks in that group selected at once (e.g. Firefox).

If the Default to Search Tab on My Projects  (unanet.assign_search.enabled) property is disabled, then the List tab will be selected by default when you access the My Projects screen, with all available projects / tasks queried in the Available Projects (/Tasks) selection field. This option may be desired if your site does not have a very large number of Self Assign projects and you would like to minimize user clicks.


Projects Selected by Default

Depending on how a user may have access to a particular project, a project may appear in the left window "Available Projects" or the right window "Selected Projects" by default.  Which behavior depends on the type of access/assignment as follows:


Add Projects / Tasks

To add new project / task entries, select one or many entries from the Available Projects (/Tasks) list and click on the right arrow button.

Remove Project / Tasks

Similar to adding Projects / Tasks entries, in order to remove entries, simply select the desired items in the Selected Projects (/Tasks)  window and click on the left arrow button.

Field Descriptions (click on a link below for additional information)



Project Missing from Drop-Down on Timesheet or Expense Report

You may have a project that appears in your My Projects > Selected list that does not appear in your drop-down list on your Timesheet or Expense Report.  Listed below are several possible reasons for this situation.

Situation 1: Enforce Project/Task Dates: If you have a project configured to Enforce Project/Task Dates, projects will not be available when you access a timesheet for a time period that is not within the project or task's Revised Date Range, or the end date of the timesheet is after the project's Completed Date.
Situation 2: Assignment Dates:  If you access a timesheet for a time period that is not within the user's Assignment Date Range, the item will not appear in your drop-down list.

Situation 3: Allow Time/Expense Reporting:  Projects can be configured to allow for Time and/or Expense charging.  As such, some projects listed in your My Projects -- Selected list may not be available for time and/or expenses charging.  

Situation 4: Require Task for Time / Expense:  If a project is defined as Requiring a Task for time or expense entry, but the project does not have any active Tasks defined, you may see a Project in your Selected list, but it will not appear on your timesheet or expense report.

Situation 5: Item deselected by User on My Projects: If a user has moved an assigned project from their "Selected" right window to the "Available" left window on the My Projects screen, it will not be available for charging.  Should a Project Assigner subsequently unassign that user and then reassign that user, that explicit assignment will not automatically appear in the user's "Selected" window (since the user had, at some point, expressed an interest in not seeing that project in their drop-down list).  The user would need to access the My Projects screen and move the project to the "Selected" window.

Situation 6: No available pay codes for a user on a project: Projects will sometimes not appear because there is no valid pay code available to the user for a particular project. Most commonly, this occurs when a user has their available pay codes restricted by their Employee Type category while the project has its own pay code restrictions and the two do not overlap.  To be available, a pay code must be active, associated with the project (either directly as a Project >> Pay Code or indirectly via Admin >> Setup >> Pay Codes screen designated as "Include in Default List") and available to the user’s Employee Type if the user has an Employee Type specified.

Situation 7: Inactive Owning Org: If a project's Owning Organization is inactive, that project will not appear in your drop-down list.  If a task is configured with an Owning Organization and it is inactive, that task will appear in your drop-down list, but you will receive an error when you save or submit if you select it.

Situation 8: Legal Entity / Financial Org Restrictions: When the Use Financial Organizations (unanet.financials.use_financial_orgs) property is enabled, the list of projects may be further constrained.  
     -- Salaried & Hourly -- For users having one of these classifications as of the timesheet end date, only those projects having an Owning Organization that has the same Legal Entity as the current user's Person Organization's Legal Entity will be available.  
     -- Non-Employee -- For users having this classification as of the timesheet end date, only those projects having an Owning Organization that is configured to be a Financial Org will be available.  

Controlling Result Set Size  (Performance Tip!)

If your installation has extremely high numbers of projects, consider the following performance tips to help manage the number of projects that may appear on the My Projects screen.