Resetting your Password

There are currently three methods available to have your password updated.

  1. Administrator (via Person Profile) -- If a user cannot remember their password, a Unanet Administrator or HR Administrator can navigate to the user's Person Profile >> Password tab and supply a new password for the user.  The Administrator will need to communicate the new password to the user (via an external method -- ie email, phone, etc).  The user could then sign into Unanet and reset their password on their own as desired.
  2. End User (via Preferences) -- If a user knows their password, but would simply like to change it, once logged in, they can navigate to the screen described below (via the Preferences >> Password tab) and supply the current and new values.
  3. End User (via Forgot Password) -- This is a property enabled feature that will provide the end user with a self service means of resetting their own password by clicking on the Forgot Password link on the login screen.



End User (via Preferences)

Users can reset their own passwords on the Password tab, which resides on the Preferences screen.  

To update your password, navigate to your Preference screen which is available in the upper right hand corner of the main / top menu:

Once there, click on the Password tab.  In order to update your password, you will need to first supply your current password and then supply your new password twice.  If you do not know your password, you will need to contact your Unanet Administrator (who can reset your password without knowing your current password).

Field Descriptions



Note: Administrators can set a variety of rules regarding password expirations, minimum length, valid characters sets, etc.  Check out any of the unanet.password properties for more information.

Note that hitting Save while on any of these tabs will save changes on all of the Profile tabs.


End User (via Forgot Password)

The ability to allow users to initiate their own password reset can be enabled via the Enable Password Reset (unanet.password_reset.enabled) property.  When enabled, a new "Forgot Password?" link will appear on the Unanet login page.  The link will allow a Unanet user to reset their password after providing a valid User name and associated email address.


Conditions that must be met to allow a user to request a password reset:



Successful creation of a password reset request will result in an email being sent to the user's current email id containing a link, with an embedded reset request key, that can be used to complete the reset process.

Conditions that must be met to allow a user to complete a password reset:


Successful completion of a password reset will result in a new password being established for the user and a confirmation email being sent to the user's current email id.

Other notes:



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