Post Date

The Post Date is the date to which you desire to have a financial document posted. This date reflects the date to which various accounts are updated and for which the business transaction will appear in various financial reports.

The Post Date works in conjunction with the Fiscal Period.  Upon saving a financial document, the system will validate that the provided Post Date falls within the entered Fiscal Period.

The Post Date entered must fall within a Fiscal Period that is open for transaction entry (unless the current user has the Administrator role, in which case they can post to closed periods and/or closed fiscal years).


Adding a financial document

When creating a new financial document, the Post Date will be defaulted as follows:


Updating existing financial document

Note that should you update a Post Date value, the system will take measures to ensure the listed Fiscal Period contains that Post Date and thus changing the Post Date value may also result in the Fiscal Period changing.  Likewise, changing a Fiscal Period to a value that does not contain the Post Date will result in the Post Date value being changed to remain consistent with the updated Fiscal Period entry.


Copy a financial document

When copying a financial document, the supplied value for Post Date will be used instead of the Post Date on the financial document being copied.  The same validation rules for Post Date that apply during a financial document add action, will also apply to the creation of a new financial document via the copy action.


Voiding a financial document

When voiding a financial document, the Post Date will default to the post date of the original document being voided.  The supplied value for Post Date must be greater than the Post Date on the financial document being voided.

If the Fiscal Period of the original document is closed, the Post Date will default to either the 1st or the last day of the selected fiscal period based on whether the period is before or after the Void Date.


Unposting a previous post

When unposting a previous post, this date will reflect the date that the original item was posted.


Note: this Post Date is not to be confused with the Timesheet Post Date nor the Expense Export Post Date.