Fiscal Period

The Fiscal Period works in conjunction with the Post Date.  Upon saving a financial document entry, the system will validate that the provided Post Date falls within the provided Fiscal Period.

The list of Fiscal Periods available in your system is configured by the Administrator via the Admin >> Setup >> Fiscal Years screen.


Adding Financial Document

When adding a new financial document, the Fiscal Period will default to the Fiscal Period containing the current date (unless that fiscal period is not an available option, in which case it will default to the earliest listed fiscal period in the drop down).


The list of Fiscal Periods available will depend on several factors, including:


Updating Financial Document

Note that should you update a Fiscal Period value, the system will take measures to ensure the listed Post Date falls within that Fiscal Period and thus changing the Fiscal Period option may also result in the Post Date changing.  Likewise, changing a Post Date to a value outside the current Fiscal Period will result in the Fiscal Period value being changed to remain consistent with the updated Post Date entry.


Copy a Financial Document

When copying a Financial Document, the supplied value for Fiscal Period will be used instead of the Fiscal Period on the Financial Document being copied.  The same validation rules for Fiscal Period that apply during a Financial Document add action, will also apply to the creation of a new Financial Document via the copy action.


Voiding a Financial Document

When voiding a Financial Document, similar rules will apply to Fiscal Period that apply during the Add or Edit of a financial document with the exception that the Fiscal Period will initially attempt to default to the fiscal period of the original document being voided.