Alternate Submittal / Approval - Review Process

This feature is optional and is not enabled by default.  The basic premise of this feature is to require users to review their time or expense submittal or approvals when another user performs the work on their behalf.  This feature is frequently used in conjunction with sites that require DCAA compliance.

There are several optional properties available to enable this functionality for various roles:

Customer Approvers will see these reviews in a separate section on their normal Customer Approval Queues.  Upon clicking on the review icon , the project approver will be presented with a preview version of the timesheet or expense report and will be able to click on a "Review" button (which when clicked will prompt the project approver for an optional comment).  The Approval History on the timesheet or expense report will reflect any pending reviews as well as reviewed items (along with any comments).  

This property is likely used in place of the and properties.  

This feature would only be relevant if you also had enabled the Enable Administrator Bulk Approval (unatime.admin_bulk_approve.enable) property.


Searching for Pending Reviews

Managers and Administrators can search for timesheets or expense reports containing a pending review via the Timesheet Status Report or Expense Status Report.  

The Pending Review or Reviewed entries will also appear in the Approval History sections of the timesheets and expense reports.  While a timesheet or expense report has a review pending, the approval history entry will include the text "PENDING REVIEW").   Once the appropriate users has reviewed that entry, the approval history entry will be updated to display "Reviewed").   No new entries are made, but rather the existing approval history entries are updated.

The following is an example of an Approval History section that illustrates both a Pending Review and a Reviewed entry.