Reclaim Tax (aka VAT)

If the Administrator has set the Show Value Added Tax (VAT) Fields  (unasense.vat.enabled) to true in the file, several expense screens will contain two additional fields; VAT Amount and VAT Location.  

The Unanet Administrator can control, on a user by user basis, which users will have the VAT fields displayed by configuring a setting on each users' Person Profile >> Expense tab.  End users can see this setting (but not manipulate it) via their Preferences screen >> Expense tab.  These fields are only available when the VAT feature is enabled.

VAT stands for Value Added Tax, but more generically can be referred to as a Reclaim Tax.

When enabled, these fields will appear on the expense detail screen, expense wizards, expense preview screens and allocations screens.  The data contained in VAT Amount and VAT Location is stored in the database and can be exported, but is not used for reporting or calculations other than the Total VAT Expenses.




VAT Amount

is entered in the company's base currency.

VAT Location

contains the list of locations that has been added under VAT Location on the Administrator Setup menu.



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