Dynamic Approval Sequence

The purpose of this feature is to limit the number of Approvers that must approve a particular expense report or purchasing document (i.e., purchase requisition, purchase order, vendor invoice), depending on their Approval Authority Amount.  Once an approver with an appropriate level of authority (i.e. an amount >= the submitted amount) has approved an item, it does not need to be approved by the other approvers in the approval group (with the exception of the "zero approver", as described below).

In order for this feature to be enabled, one of the following properties must be set to true:


This feature only applies to the expense and purchasing documents approval process for Managers.

Note that the first approver in the list will always be required to approve the submitted expense regardless of the expense amount or their approval authority amount (that is, the first approver in the list after the list has been sorted by threshold amount).


Note:  The following property can be enabled to allow for the skipping of the $0.00 approver for Expense Requests:  Skip Zero Approver For Expense Requests  (unasense.approval.authority.request.skip_zero_approver).



Given the example above, the following expense amounts would result in approvals needed from the following:


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